Electrical issues are not only an inconvenience, but can have serious consequences resulting in fire, or other types of damage to your structure or appliances. Often there are warning signs and if issues are detected early enough electrical repairs can be completed before disaster strikes. At the first signs of electrical trouble, from a flickering light to an inoperable outlet or anything in between, call the experienced, licensed professionals at 5 Star Electricians El Porto for fast, reliable troubleshooting and repair of all your electrical issues.

Inferior or improper installation techniques, age, rodents, water damage, and other issues can contribute to a number of common electrical concerns around your home, including the following:

  • Electrical surges. Most homeowners have experienced a power surge during storm activity or as a result of damage to power lines, but additional culprits can be faulty wiring or appliances. Although they happen for only a nanosecond, frequent surges can cause irreparable damage to electronics such as your TV or computer and should be investigated further.
  • Inoperable or malfunctioning light switches. Light switches that don’t turn anything on and dimmer switches that don’t dim are a sign that something isn’t right behind the switchplate. Avoid further use until you can have a licensed electrician perform an inspection.
  • Frequent tripping of circuits. Circuits are designed to protect your home. They become overloaded when one or more high consuming appliances are used on the same breaker simultaneously. Options include prevention by using an alternate outlet or by reassigning large appliances to a dedicated circuit.
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  • Electrical shocks. Even the mildest electrical shocks are uncomfortable and if you experience this painful sensation as you turn a device on or off it may be the device itself but could also be the wiring behind it.
  • Short lifespan for lightbulbs. If you frequently have to replace one or more bulbs in your home you may simply be using a wattage that is too high for the fixture. Other causes can include insulation crowding the light, bad wiring, or (when accompanied by flickering) a bad connection on the circuit.
  • Recessed lighting that cycles on and off. If recessed lights become too hot, a built-in safety feature interrupts the power until they cool. If this is happening in your home, the wattage on your bulbs may be too high or insulation may be too close to the fixtures.
  • Inflated energy costs. There are a number of ways to reduce electricity usage including unplugging small appliances when not in use and pinpointing which devices may be causing a surge in power, but high costs may also be associated with damaged or improperly installed wiring or circuits.

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