The average home has multiple outlets in every room, and when they’re in good working order, they’re a convenience you can’t do without. When they are outdated, damaged, or malfunctioning however, outlets pose a safety risk to your home and family. Outlet repair is best left to the experts, and the certified, licensed electricians at 5 Star Electricians El Porto provide a number of electrical services including light switch and outlet repair.

While you can’t see what goes on behind your switch plates, there are a number of warning signs that indicate you may need outlet repair. Perform periodic inspections to ensure the integrity and functionality of your outlets, and call BVS if you notice any of the following:

  • Discolored or scorched outlets – Signs of discoloration or visible scorch marks are caused by overheating, and if not addressed can lead to an electrical fire. Loose wiring at the connection points can cause a buildup of heat, or cause sparking that results in arcing. Discontinue use of the outlet until it can be examined and repaired by a professional.
  • Sparking appliances – If you see sparks at the outlet each time you plug something in, you may have exposed wiring behind the switch plate which can lead to shock or fire. Test the outlet with a low voltage item such as a phone charger to see if the problem lies with the outlet or the appliance before calling for service.
  • Burning smells – A burning smell from one or more outlets requires an immediate call for repair, likely caused by overheating which may lead to fire.
Light Switch
  • Tripped circuits – Frequent issues with circuits or fuses may be caused by overheating or an overloaded electrical system, both of which warrant further investigation.
  • Non-functional outlets – The wiring has likely become disconnected or damaged due to home repairs or pests, requiring professional outlet repair.
  • Loose or worn components – If plugs sit loosely or slip out of your outlets they may be worn out, and in need of replacing.
  • Ungrounded receptacles – Two pronged outlets are outdated, and your electrical system may be ungrounded. This can lead to potential shock or appliance damage and outlets should be replaced to bring your home’s electrical system up to current standards.

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