Owning an electric car is an excellent way to be eco-friendly, enjoy a smooth and quiet ride, and save some serious cash when it comes to keeping the car “fueled!” However, charging stations can still be hard to come by these days, and that can put a serious dent in your overall enjoyment. Looking for a way to keep your electric car in Katy charged and ready to go? 5 Star Electricians El Porto has you covered with our home charging station installation services!

An electric car charging station (also called “EVSE” for electric vehicle supply equipment) can help you out a ton in terms of convenience and speedy charging. These systems are typically installed wherever the vehicle is parked—usually a garage—and allow for fast, simple, and safe connection for your electric vehicle (EV) so the car can be charged up and ready to roll as needed.

Our experts have the experience, knowledge, and training necessary to provide easy EVSE installation services. Whether you need a single station or you need to power up multiple family cars, we can accommodate with superior products and options.

Electric car charging stations come in three types, and two for residential use. At BVS, we can offer:

  • Level I EVSE. A level one charging station is somewhat basic, typically utilizing a single dedicated circuit matched up much in the same way you would a circuit dedicated to a refrigerator or your HVAC system. There is no “station” actually involved in a Level I, however, you absolutely need to have a dedicated circuit installed by a professional electrician. These typically suffice for homeowners who only occasionally use their EV, or for those who do not mind the significantly slower charge time.
EV Charging Station Installation | 5 Star Electricians El Porto
  • Level II EVSE. A level II station is most typically wall-mounted and makes use of a more powerful draw on your electrical system. Though slightly costlier, these systems can charge a vehicle substantially faster (10 to 20 miles per hour depending on the vehicle, charger, and battery type). Level II ESVEs are the most commonly used charge station type for homeowners that rely on their EV on a daily basis.

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